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Environmental Activities

  1. Policy

    Chemindus Sdn Bhd has adopted an Environmental Friendly approach in its businesses. We promotes and encourages environmental protection and conservation through
    i) supply of effective coagulants & related water treatment chemicals into the industries and
    ii) adopts a non-polluting, resource re-use & recycling manufacturing processes.

  2. Products

    By using our own invented MISTIC® index, appropriate type of coagulant can be selected for a particular water treatment. This will result in better treated water quality, minimal used of chemicals, reduced transport frequency and reduce resulted sludge volume, thus help to preserve the environment.

    Currently the company elevates an industrial problem by treating copper containing solution to recover pure copper using a patented process instead of the traditional technique of precipitation to copper oxide sludge. The company will continuously look at other metal containing waste solution to recover the precious metal using environmental friendly path way.


    Resource conservation initiatives
    Encourage Re-use; packaging using cleaned re-use carboy, drums, IBC and pallets. Continuous emphasis and provide means to enable delivery in Bulk to our customers as far as possible.
    Emphasize 3R (reduce, reuse and recycles) on all our processes and activities.

    Efficient use of water resources
    Chemindus strives to reduce industrial water consumption by treating, recycling cooling tower and scrubber water.

    Employ, as far as possible, a zero waste generation process
    Chemindus, through R & D is using a zero waste generation process to produce PACl.

    Boosting transportation efficiency and reducing CO2 emission in transportation
    Chemindus strives to reduce energy and fuel consumption by producing more effective product which need a lower dosage and directly reduce frequency of deliveries thus reduces carbon dioxide emission. Our second generation coagulants have an effectiveness of 2 to 5 times over our existing products.

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