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Water treatment chemicals
PACl is a commonly used coagulant in water treatment, both potable and waste water. In line with Chemindus Quality Policy to provide quality products consistently and services to the full satisfaction of our customers, we are proud to proclaim that we take special precautions to understand, design and recommend these specialized products for our customers’ requirements. We;
  1. Supply specific coagulants and flocculants to suit a variety of raw water throughout the country.

  2. Provide advice on the usage of chemicals and treatment techniques for specific water sources.

  3. Plant trial and plant optimization.

  4. Assist plant in full range of chemical analysis for raw and treated water.

  5. Chemflex® technology to optimize treatment protocol in all water treatment plants.
Waste Management
We provide profiling of process, raw materials utilization and waste treatment with view to improve raw material usage efficiency and to reduce waste, reuse and recycle wastes generated. Creating a non polluting and a zero waste generation process.

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